Dolce and Gabbana Makeup?

I am a Miami Makeup Artist and as of late outsourced as a for the Dolce and Gabanna cosmetics line at the Bal Harbor shopping center in Sunny Isles Beach. Did you folks even know D&G has a cosmetics line? Me not one or the other! Their line is moderately new (roughly 2 years of age) and I need to give them a 10 in introduction. makeupchick South Africa

The items look exceptionally exquisite and chick and are delightfully bundled. Every one of the items have dark bundling with the D&B loggo showed in brilliant letters. However, I was not exceptionally inspired with the nature of their eyeshadows. In spite of the fact that they have a truly wide shading determination and the colors looked solid and energetic in the bundling, the eye shadows nearly went on imperceptible went connected. However, another cosmetics craftsman that has been working for the D&G cosmetics line for somewhat guaranteed me that they are better utilized with an eyebase (which D&G does not convey right now). I was additionally not especially awed with the nature of the concealers, as they appeared somewhat powdery.

The lipsticks, in any case, were so rich and yummy, I wish I could have added their entire gathering to my cosmetics case! Energetic hues with bunches of shades: delightful reds, pinks, nudes and tans and a VERY rich consistency (and did I specify the pressing looks awesome?).

Notwithstanding lipsticks and eyeshadows, the D&G cosmetics line incorporates mascaras, powder establishments, concealers, lip liners, eye liners and bronzers. Their costs run about the same as cosmetics items improve the situation the MAC line. Have you attempted these items? I’d love to hear your sentiments!

Briseida Lopez

Miami Makeup Artist